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Amanda, 30, Dallas (-16.5lbs)


I always thought that weight gain during pregnancy was a joke or a problem for the lazy. Having practised as a nutritionist for over 6 months, I never thought that I could gain weight beyond what I already had, until I became pregnant. Healthy diet has been my mantra, and even when I was carrying my first born, I expected my tummy to get back in shape a month after delivery. So, labour came and went; I was left with a 4lbs baby boy, and a bulging waist. I looked as if the foetus was still growing, but I gave myself hope that it will go within a month or so. Six months down the line, the bulge was still there.

I could not imagine going back with such a wide waist, to teach people on the best foods to eat so as to maintain healthy weight. Personally, I had never trusted weight loss supplements and had not featured myself taking any. One evening, I met with one of our family friends who had given birth a month earlier, but she looked extremely attractive. Nobody could believe that the toddler on her arms was hers. Then she looked at my bulging tummy and asked whether I had heard about green coffee bean. The following day, she brought me a prescription which I took just to be look courteous.

After two weeks, we met again and she asked whether I had tried. I promised myself to try it out, just in case. Amazingly, my bulge left without leaving behind any sagging skin on my tummy barely two months of using the supplement. Now, I am a happy mom with the shape of a model.

Louis, 50,Boston (-68 Ibs)

“I have grown up in a family of huge people, and the only thing I grew up knowing is that I am destined to be huge. So, one day I asked one of my thin friends how I can get his figure.

As a joke, he told me to take supplements like the beauty pageants. I did not take it as a joke, but instead, went straight to one of my female friends who were always obsessed about healthy weight and slim figures. She removed a package from her handbag, and then pointed to the label written green coffee bean extract, smiled and returned it. I went straight to my laptop to find out about this ingredient, and then realized that it can help me become slimmer. Though it has not been easy, I have managed to shed 70 Ibs within 18 months.”

Carrey, 28, New York (-22 Ibs)

“I have been extremely cautious with my weight since teenage, and I have always done everything possible to maintain my sexy shape. On the other hand, people say that I overindulge in food and drink, and recently I discovered that I had added 50 Ibs within six months. The first thing I did after this discovery was to open my browser and find a suitable product that could help restore my weight without pain. I never want to walk on the treadmill, but sometimes I jog just to stay fit.

The first name that came to my mind was caffeine, because I had read so many blog posts about the weight loss effects of caffeine. This was the first search word I typed. After a few alterations, I saw reviews on Green coffee bean extract. They had wonderful summaries, and so out of curiosity, I started searching for reviews of this supplement.

Amazon was my first stop, since I tend to trust it. I realized that even Amazon customers were 100 per cent satisfied with this product, and did not read a single negative review. Finally, I made the decision to purchase a trial pack. Today, I have my browser to thank for helping me discover this product. I have lost 20 Ibs so far, and am determined to shed the remaining 30 Ibs though friends say I look better this way.”

Katherine, 18, Toronto (-130 Ibs)
“I grew up with a dream of becoming an actress, a dream that almost died when I hit 16. I was extremely huge that even my college mates starting isolating from myself. I could not attend to parties because I could not dance, and this made guys also isolate me. I felt terrible. My mom was always complaining that I was eating too much, but it is the stress I got from my circles that made me gain even more kilos.

One day I was strolling with my elder brother when we came across his two old college mates. They asked my brother whether I was the guardians, since they knew him to grow with our aunt who lived next to his school. I felt so embarrassed. They even exclaimed when he introduced me as his younger sister. After we left, my brother sat me down and told me that I had to do something about the bulk I was carrying around. It was clear that it had cut off all my channels of joy in life-with my dream almost gone and my peers afraid to associate with me. I promised to do something about it. I wanted to look as attractive as my model actress, Angelina Jolie. One mom came with a pharmacist friend of hers, who handed me a small pack wrapped in a plastic bag, smiling at me. Mom told me that it was the secret to my once attractive body, that I still had a chance to pursue my dream and live like all other young and ambitious girls. I started the program right away, and within three months, I had shed 20 Ibs. Thanks to green coffee bean extract, I am starting my modelling classes next Fall.”

Henry, 35, Chicago (-81Ibs)
“I love beer, and I do not lie about it. My gym coach has even warned me about it, and says that I have to get rid of alcohol if I want to get rid of my pot belly. Most weekends, I even miss my sessions to go to the club. I think I am almost getting addicted, if not yet. But the thing that has been worrying me is that I am not yet willing to leave beer yet I want to have a flat belly.

Recently, I spoke to one of my spree members, Tim, who has always had a flat belly yet never skipped a weekend. He told me that even though he was quite disciplined when it comes to drinking, he has a little secret he keeps inside his cabinet. He also disclosed to me that this little secret of his was not any other skeleton in the cupboard, but something everyone else could access if they had the desire to lose weight. So I asked him to give me a name. Tim took out his pen and scribbled some name on it. When I went to the pharmacy, I realized that it was green coffee bean extract, a product the pharmacist said would work magic on my belly fat. One year down the line, my wife has stopped telling me to go for diabetes tests-I have my flat tummy back!”