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What Exactly Are The Green Coffee Beans??

Green coffee bean extract comes from green coffee beans of the Arabica coffee plant. Coffee plants are usually divided into Robusta and Arabica coffee plants. Of the two coffee plants, the Arabica coffee plant produces coffee beans that are of higher quality. Arabica Coffee beans have higher quantities of caffeic and chlorogenic acids which are two important primary compounds that are responsible for coffee anti-oxidation properties.

This extract gained popularity in the market only recently. It is undoubtedly a new product in the beverage market. These beans are known to have strong anti-oxidant properties that are unmatched to other similar natural anti-oxidants such as grape seeds and green tea extract. They have a special compound known as polyphenols which is beneficial to the body because it helps in reducing the number of free oxygen radicals present in the body.

Green Coffee Raw Beans
Green coffee beans or extract lack negative effects of boiled coffee drinks. This is because green coffee extract doesn't contain cafestol which is responsible for most of the negative effects of drinking coffee as a stimulant. Green coffee therefore has numerous health benefits that regular coffee doesn't have. Below are some of the health benefits of Green coffee bean extract.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Benefits
1. Weight loss: According to numerous studies click here to view one of the studies) done on the health benefits of green coffee extract, weight loss is the most popular health benefit. For instance, recent studies i.e. the 2012 metabolic syndrome diabetes and obesity study carried out to examine the safety and efficacy of green coffee extract products indicated that green coffee is indeed effective in terms of reducing body weight in obese individuals. The study indicated that green coffee is capable of bringing significant changes i.e. reductions in body weight, percentage body fat and body mass index. The results of the study were consistent with other similar animal and human studies done to investigate green coffee extract efficacy in weight loss. It is therefore accurate to conclude that green coffee indeed has weight loss benefits.

2. Blood pressure benefits: Green coffee bean extract also has high blood pressure benefits. According to numerous hypertension studies carried out, green coffee extract is capable of lowering blood pressure in high blood pressure patients. This is possible because green coffee beans have Chlorogenic acid which is strategic in lowering blood pressure in hypertension patients. There are many studies that have been carried out to prove this fact. For instance, Chlorogenic acids tests done in Tokyo to investigate the effectiveness of Chlorogenic acid in lowering blood pressure indicated that the acid indeed reduces blood pressure in hypertensive rats and humans.

These conclusions were arrived at after examining the safety of Chlorogenic acids in hypertension patients through a randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial. The hypertension patients received daily treatment using 140mg of Chlorogenic acids daily and their body mass indexes, pulse rates, urinalysis tests and blood pressure results were recorded consistently throughout the study. Symptoms were also recorded throughout the study. The results indicated that Chlorogenic acid was effective in reducing the blood pressure of all patients with hypertension without producing any side effects. It is therefore accurate to conclude that Green coffee bean extract is capable of lowering blood pressure. Green Coffee Tree
The study involved healthy male patients with poor vasodilation responses measured using a strain gauge plethysmogram. In the study, the patients ingested a green coffee test drink containing 140mg of chlorogenic acid daily. During the study period, SPG, serum parameters, pulse wave velocity and plethysmogram measurements were taken. The end results indicated that ingestion of green coffee extract for a prolonged period of time is indeed helpful in terms of improving blood circulation. This improvement according to studies is brought about by improvements in the reactive hyperemia ratio which is an indication that there is an improvement in vaso-reactivity.

4. Blood sugar balance benefits: Apart from green coffee bean extract having blood pressure and blood circulation benefits, the extract also has blood sugar balance benefits. Blood sugar is a critical aspect to the body in terms of controlling diseases such as diabetes and also ensuring healthy aging. Too much sugar as well as grains in the blood leads to imbalances in the blood sugar levels. This in turn causes the body to undergo hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia spirals. For instance, these imbalances in the blood sugar cause inflammations in the body which damage immune functions, hormonal control systems and organs.

A good example of a common blood sugar is glucose. Excess glucose in the body is among the most common causes of imbalances in the blood sugar. This mostly happens when glucose from the liver and muscle tissues is released into the bloodstream. The blood sugar levels become elevated. For instance, at night, most people have elevated levels of glucose-6-phosphatase which is an enzyme that is responsible for causing an increase in the release of blood sugars from the liver and muscles. This happens at night mainly because the body at this is in-active.

The latest evidence according to numerous studies shows that the normal level of healthy fasting sugars in the blood should range between 65 to 85 mg/DL. For a post meal range which is normally 2 hours after eating, the blood sugar levels should never surpass the 120 mg/dL level. When the blood sugar levels test higher, this is an indication that there is oxidative stress taking place which is damaging tissues and cells in the body.

Green coffee bean extract has been proven to be a major anti-oxidant because it contains Chlorogenic acid which according to studies has proven to significantly stabilize blood sugar levels. Clinical studies even indicate that a simple dose of green coffee extract i.e. 400mg is capable of reducing post meal blood sugar spikes by approximately 30%. This shows that individuals with dangerous levels of blood sugar i.e. 160mg/dL can lower their post-meal blood sugar levels to a safe level i.e. 109mg/dL by simply taking green coffee extract.

Stable blood sugar levels are beneficial to the body because of a number of things. One is; stable blood sugars ensure that the body has a better supply of energy. Stable blood sugars also ensure that one has mental clarity and good hormonal functions. Stable sugar levels also allow the body to detoxify better which is an important process for avoiding diseases and also for weight loss. For instance, raw green coffee extract taken along with super foods such as cinnamon and cacao is great for stabilizing blood sugar and also improving most bodily functions. A combination of green coffee extract and super foods also creates other greater effects to the body.

In summary, green coffee bean extract is extremely beneficial to the body. It is therefore advisable to take green coffee extract frequently as part of your beverage diet to enjoy the above benefits. It is however important to note that benefits such as weight loss are best realised by incorporating green tea extract with healthy diets that have little or no fat. It is also important to note that because caffeine in green coffee extract has diuretic effects, it is therefore necessary to take a lot of water. Natural spring water is the most ideal water to drink especially after it has undergone deep filtration to remove toxins. This way you will be able to enjoy your green coffee bean extract free of any harmful side effects.